Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits a Bicyclist in a Los Angeles Car Accident

Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits a Bicyclist in a Los Angeles Car Accident ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car accident on February 5, following which a bicyclist was taken to the emergency department. The 75-year-old actor was driving his car in West Los Angeles when he struck a lady on a bicycle.

Schwarzenegger is believed to be not to blame for the accident. The woman is said to have changed her lane fairly swiftly, which resulted in the collision. The Los Angeles police department is currently investigating the case. Read on to learn more.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Was a Suicide in a Car Accident in Los Angeles

The story was first reported by TMZ, which revealed that a woman on a bicycle steered into his lane and was struck by his automobile on Sunday morning. The incident has been confirmed by several eyewitnesses.

The woman made a sharp left turn and jumped in front of Schwarzenegger's automobile, according to law enforcement sources. He did not have enough time to bring his automobile to a standstill. Emergency services were called, and the lady was transported to a hospital.

The Los Angeles Police Department has concluded that Schwarzenegger should not be held accountable for the accident since he could not have avoided the collision. They have classified the situation as "a simple traffic incident."

The lady has sustained minor injuries over the years.

After the hit, the woman complained of pain. She is said to have suffered minor injuries but is in good condition right now. Schwarzenegger, fortunately, came out without any harm. He got the bicycle fixed at a local bike repair shop.

Despite the fact that no narcotics or alcohol is suspected to be involved in the tragedy, the authorities have yet to uncover any narcotics. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger is yet to provide further information.

Schwarzenegger was previously clumsy last year.

The Terminator actor was involved in a horrific road accident just last year when his Yukon SUV struck a Porsche Cayenne and flipped over a Prius in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.

“A car accident occurred about 4.35 on Sunset and Allenford Avenue. Fire departments and paramedics transported one female to a local hospital with an abrasion to her head,” the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Schwarzenegger did not suffer any injuries at the time. His son, Joseph Baena, updated him on his health just days after the incident, saying, "My dad is always excellent. He's doing fantastic, always training, always staying healthy."

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