At a pre-Grammy party, Jennifer Hudson pays her tribute to Whitney Houston with her greatest love of all rendition

At a pre-Grammy party, Jennifer Hudson pays her tribute to Whitney Houston with her greatest love of ...

Jennifer Hudson presented Whitney Houston's pre-Grammy ceremony at the Beverly Hilton hotel's ballroom.

On Saturday night, the concert was held just a week before the singer's 11th death anniversary. Actor Kevin Costner paid her with an emotional tribute. Houston died of an overdose at the Beverly Hilton hotel in 2012.

Jennifer Hudson Pays a Tribute to Whitney Houston at a Pre-Grammy Party

Hudson was lauded for her performance of Houston's 1985 hit Greatest Love of All on social media. The whole performance has now been released by the Recording Academy. Additionally, Kevin Costner took the stage to honor his co-star on The Bodyguard.

"Both him and Davis" were struck by Whitney the first time we first met her. She would become our common ground... so powerful that for a moment in time the entire world seemed focused on this one country song," Costner said.

"Whitney had become the most well-known singer of her generation, but she was an untrained actress, and it was unclear if this was something she should aspire to do or anything that was beneficial to her career," the 68-year-old actor said.

In 2012, Houston died at the Beverly Hilton.

On February 11, she was discovered submerged in her bathtub, and her cause of death was described as "atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use."

Costner touched upon the sentimental issue in his address, saying, "Maybe this isn't the space for it, but I don't want to miss the opportunity." Whitney, your beloved friend, is protected by neither one of us.

"You were a miracle in her life." Davis, 90, replied, "Everyone in this business has a mother, but not everyone has a Clive." "It was just a 'wow' from me, Kevin. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Costner shared his experiences of working with Whitney in The Bodyguard, an open ended filmmaking program. Whitney saw it as a chance to reinvent herself.

"But for Clive, it was a career choice that had a "recipe for catastrophe" written all over it. I needed Clive. I needed his trust and his blessing, and I needed the one thing that he wasn't used to giving up: control," he said.

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