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CNN: Verification Of The Validity Of Surveillance Of The Trump Headquarters Is Delayed Until The End Of The Summer

CNN: Verification Of The Validity Of Surveillance Of The Trump Headquarters Is Delayed Until The End Of The Summer

The verification of the circumstances of the beginning of us intelligence surveillance of the election headquarters of Republican Donald Trump in 2016, entrusted to special Prosecutor John Durham, may be delayed until the end of the upcoming summer. This was reported by CNN, citing sources in the United States Department of Justice.

According to these sources, the test was suspended in March this year due to the consequences of the spread of the disease caused by a new coronavirus. Quarantine measures imposed in 50 States prevent Durham's assistants from traveling and taking statements from witnesses and suspects. Now the check is again activated, the number of subordinates of the Special Prosecutor leading the investigation in the state of Connecticut and the capital has increased, the TV company says.

According to its publication, Durham initially planned to complete the review in May or June 2020. However, due to the pandemic, these deadlines are being pushed towards the end of the summer. The TV company does not rule out that the publication of the results of the work of the Special Prosecutor may be delayed due to the proximity to the presidential elections, which will be held on November 3.

Ministry of Justice regulations prohibits the announcement of the results of such investigations on the eve of voting if they directly affect presidential candidates or their aides. Justice Minister William Barr, in an interview with journalist Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday, expressed the opinion that the ban is unlikely to be applied in this case.

The Inspector-General of the US Department of Justice, Michael Horowitz, in December last year published the results of an investigation into the circumstances of the start of US Intelligence Surveillance of the Trump headquarters. Horowitz also identified 17 significant errors in obtaining authorization to conduct surveillance of the former campaign adviser Carter Page. The sanctions were given under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), provisions of which Trump has repeatedly criticized. Durham, which has been conducting its surveillance review on behalf of Barr since May last year, said it did not share certain conclusions of Horowitz.

Trump and representatives of his administration have repeatedly accused US Intelligence officials of spying on his campaign headquarters. The circumstances surrounding the beginning of this surveillance have been the subject of at least three separate proceedings by the US Department of Justice, which simultaneously serves as the attorney General's office.

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