What about offline gambling and microtransactions, according to Wild Hearts?

What about offline gambling and microtransactions, according to Wild Hearts? ...

Wild Hearts promises to accomplish exactly that in direct competition with Monster Hunter. From February 17th, more information about the hunting game related to offline gaming and microtransactions will be released.

EA and Koei Tecmo want to set fire to the top dog's butt in Capcom's Monster Hunter series. Kemono is a Japanese legend that includes weapons and karakuri, special devices that propel you into the air.

Alternatives to Monster Hunter: The Best Games for Hunters and Collectors

Wild Hearts will have to deal with a lot of questions related to the game's proximity to Monster Hunter. For example, what about microtransactions and post-release support? After the launch, the developers intend to add more beasts, completely free of charge. Microtransactions are not planned in any form. This was disclosed by Lewis, the executive producer of the game.

It will be interesting to see if Wild Hearts can be played without an internet connection. There is clearly co-op play, and there is even crossplay. However, if the network fails, you still want to hit a few Kemonos on the cap. Here, too, Lewis has positive news, and offline gambling will definitely be possible.

According to the previously announced information, everything appears to be working fine for the new brand. Of course, it will still be interesting to see how much fun the title ultimately has to offer. The visual modes that were recently revealed are some reason to be concerned.

The Kemono Trailer Shows New Wild Creatures in Wild Hearts

At the Game Awards, a new trailer for Monster Hunter competitor Wild Hearts was unveiled, giving a closer look at the game's largest kemono.

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