Wednesday's second season will be without Percy Hynes White

Wednesday's second season will be without Percy Hynes White ...

Percy Hynes White, a 21-year-old actor who played one of the most prominent roles in the TV series "Wednesday," has withdrawn from the project. According to Pop Faction, the reason was sexual harassment.

Recall that one of the girls said that White persuaded her to intimacy and generally behaved at school more than outrageous.

White's representatives have remained mute. Only White's mother liked the very controversial post about her son on social networks. In this regard, several media outlets concluded that she supported the truth about White.

White appeared in all episodes of the show "Wednesday," and it isn't yet known what his character will be like in the second season, whether he will be removed altogether or replaced by another actor.

Percy Hynes White is one of the most promising young actors in Hollywood Dream Factory, which has already produced more than 25 full-length films and serials. His most recent filmography was made in 2017, when the actor starred in the television series The Gifted for Fox.

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