Knockout City: Game support will come to an end, and servers will be taken offline

Knockout City: Game support will come to an end, and servers will be taken offline ...

The game "Knockout City" has also been harmed. It will be closed this year, and the servers will be out. At least for the PC, a solution is promised that is built on privately hosted servers.

The free-to-play "Dodgebrawl" game "Knockout City" was launched in May 2021 and was planned to be supported as a service title in the long run. It will end on June 6, 2023, according to Velan Studios. At least on the consoles, "Knockout City" will no longer be playable.

Velan Studios announced in a statement that all servers worldwide would be shut down on June 6, 2023, more than two years after our original release. "This was a very difficult decision for us, but it was also a necessary and essential decision for our studio."

PC Private Hosted Server Edition

After all, a free version of the game is expected to be released for PC in the coming months, which may be accessed privately hosted servers, making the game playable indefinitely. The developer left it open when it should be released.

Season 9, which begins on February 28th and lasts 12 weeks, will feature six consecutive events with new cosmetics, new twists for some of the manufacturer's finest playlists, and a two-week Midnight Madness. The community can select the two playlists they want to play at the end of the previous season.

Knockout City isn't the only live service game to come to an end this week. On Tuesday, Electronic Arts announced that "Apex Legends Mobile" and "Battlefield Mobile" will be discontinued. Iron Galaxy also sent the message that "Rumbleverse" will suffer the same fate.

Ubisoft had previously canceled several unreleased games that were live service or battle royale games should have acted. Hyper Scape, also a Battle Royale game, came out last year.

Knockout City's Older News

In a blog post summarized on the game's official website, more information about Knockout City and the PC Private Hosted Server Edition can be found.

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