The Day Before: A lengthy gameplay video for the awaited Survival MMO

The Day Before: A lengthy gameplay video for the awaited Survival MMO ...

Fntastic has released a long video gameplay of The Day Before, awaited survival MMO halfway between The Division and The Last of Us, which you can see within the headlines.

The footage, which is only ten minutes long, does not actually reveal much more than what we saw in the first official gameplay trailer. The player is seen wandering from the outskirts to the center of a city, occasionally encountering the infected and scraping together resources here and there. In between, a taste of the inventory management system and weapon customization is offered, which we will be capable of altering in practically any aspect.

The development team for The Day Before pushed for another delay in November, claiming that there is no game in development and that the whole thing is a scam to attract investors.

The gameplay video we see today is a reaction to these inferences, especially considering that a short segment was also released on the Fntastic YouTube channel that shows a developer playing The Day Before in real time, as if to demonstrate that the game exists and is playable. However, the presentation, which may be a bit anonymous and botched, is generating mixed feelings among players.

The Day Before will be available on PC and Xbox Series X|S starting on November 10th.

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