Fairphone 2 is now compatible with Android 12

Fairphone 2 is now compatible with Android 12 ...

The Fairphone 2 has been given a fresh lease of life after receiving a new warranty for the sustainable phone until 2024. The Fairphone 4's next significant Android 12 upgrade will be on February 1.

In a tweet on the company's website, a member revealed the planned Fairphone 4 update release date. The gadget was initially scheduled to receive the update sometime in December, but it was postponed due to serious emergency calls in several areas.

The Android 12 update is expected to be released on the Fairphone 4 in select areas starting this Wednesday, in a phased rollout. According to Fairphone, the upgrade may be delayed in some areas, including those in France and Switzerland.

The specifics of the next Android 12 version, which is now a year old, are still to be discussed. However, Fairphone will not be releasing new Android phones every year or the most recent updates every three months. The company's aim has always been to promote sustainability and produce phones that reduce e-waste.

Fairphone has as well decided to continue providing support in order to keep its customers in the dark. Regular security patches are therefore essential. Fairphones runs On Android 11 will soon be able to get a new security update with the most recent security updates.

Fairphone started a campaign for more ethical technology in 2013 that allowed them to broaden their distribution network and forge new connections with people and their goods. They are transforming the manufacturing process by collaborating with their local community.

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