What has happened to the Kern County Sheriff? Donny Youngblood: What has happened to the Sheriff?

What has happened to the Kern County Sheriff? Donny Youngblood: What has happened to the Sheriff? ...

'Killing County,' a Hulu documentary, is an outstanding piece of work because to its ability to depict the apparent corruption, neglect, and misdeeds of law enforcement in Bakersfield, California. It thus incorporates not only first-hand accounts, but also archive footage to really illuminate the various aspects of this brutal city. Here, you can learn more about former Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood.

Donny Youngblood, who is he?

Donny attended both East Bakersfield High School and West High School before enrolling at Bakersfield College with an open, sincere desire to serve his country. He thus spent 14 months serving in Vietnam before becoming a heavy Army drill sergeant on the groundside.

Donny became a state correctional officer in 1972, something that apparently influenced him to a degree such that he decided to pursue a police training academy two years later. He served in almost all minor or major departments before finally becoming Sheriff in 2006.

Despite the fact that Donny has won every re-election, years of controversy have erupted around him, his extreme opinions, as well as his unintentionally vexing behavior. The most remarkable example of this came to light in 2018 when a really old video of him saying it would be much cheaper and easier to kill convicts/suspects rather than cripple them resurfaced.

What Has Happened to Donny Youngblood?

Donny voted unopposed for his seat in 2022, proving that he still serves as Kern County Sheriff despite intense scrutiny for officer-driven crimes throughout the area. In 2015, The Guardian rated Kern County as having "the deadliest law enforcement in the country per capita."

Donny admitted that "the world is changing." "The things that we used to shoot people for now," the Bakersfield family man said.

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