Damacio Diaz: What Has Happened to the Former Detective?

Damacio Diaz: What Has Happened to the Former Detective? ...

'Killing County', a documentary series based on years of investigation into the Bakersfield Police Department's corruption, cover-ups, and crimes, is unlike any other. Among those who will feature in this three-part original is former felon Damacio Diaz, who now lives in California.

Damacio Diaz, who is she?

Damacio became a local celebrity in 1987 thanks to the way he built McFarland High School's winning cross-country championship team with his two brothers. That's what eventually inspired the 2015 Disney sports drama 'McFarland, USA.' The former chose to pursue General Education as a career path after graduating.

Damacio's own narrative in the Hulu production took a toll on his dreams and aspirations when he first saw some adrenaline-pumping, actual police work in the Tulare Police Department in August 1996.

Damacio was able to climb the ranks in the manner he'd always desired, from patrol operations to serving in several high-profile organizations. At some point or another, he worked in every department at the same time. Yet, his desire to always be at the forefront of action soon reached an end, leading to his arrest in November 2015.

What Has Happened to Damacio Diaz?

Damacio was found guilty on 16 federal counts related to bribery, drug trafficking, and resold a lot of the drugs he confiscated during his police work, but it was seldom the entire quantity due to him, his partner Patrick Mara, and an associate, all working together to make up for it in whatever way. As per the docuseries, he was unable to find a solution.

Damacio was found guilty of bribery, possession, attempted distribution, and false income tax returns on May 31, 2016 — he'd previously served as a police commissioner at a halfway house in Sacramento, California.

Damacio, a 50-year-old family man, has decided to retire and enjoy his home county of Kern, according to sources. On January 26, 2021, the couple tied the knot with their long-term partner, teacher Courtney Diaz.

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