How Did Jorge Pelon Ramirez Die? Who Killed Him?

How Did Jorge Pelon Ramirez Die? Who Killed Him? ...

With Hulu's 'Killing County' uncovering the Bakersfield Police Department's alleged corruption and cover-ups over the previous few years, we gain an accurate picture of our justice system. The primary investigation into the murder of Jorge "Pelon" Joel Ramirez has now been completed.

What Was the Reason for Jorge "Pelon" Ramirez's Death?

Jorge Sr., a 34-year-old boxer who had suffered a slew of injuries by the time fall 2013 approached, was actually attempting to turn over a new leaf when his life was snatched away in the blink of an eye. "My son was a very kind person. He came from a good family."

After fulfilling his commitment to the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, the four-time Golden Glove California and Junior Olympic gold medalist decided to become a secret police informant to assist in the arrest of dangerous local criminal Justin Harger.

Jorge had reportedly agreed to become an unregistered informant in exchange for leniency in his parole violation case, only to realize that ten bullet wounds were to his left leg that were "penetrating and perforating." Other bullets struck his head twice in the left hip region, and once in the right shoulder, all while he was unarmed and sober.

Jorge "Pelon" Ramirez died on June 24, 2006.Who was the perpetrator?

Chad Garrett, Daniel Brewer, Jess Beagley, Rick Wimbish, and Ryan Vaughn were among those who were directly involved in the shooting of Jorge in Bakersfield. Any information related to their involvement or the fact the Latino was actually an informant emerged much later — in fact, he was initially painted as a "suspect" like Justin. Only his family discovered the truth after going through his phone months later.

Jorge was in constant touch with a local detective named Lerry Esparza the whole day leading up to the fatal shooting of on September 15 — while also texting him the phrase "he's here" somewhere in the evening, causing confusion in terms of how to handle the situation.

Jorge and Justin went to a convenience store before arriving at the Four Points Sheraton hotel around 12:35 am; he was in the passenger seat as Justin drove. Unfortunately, most deputies did not realize who he was, if he was dangerous, or whether he was also armed.

According to 'Killing County,' Jorge was forced to stand down and place his hands where they might be seen as soon as he walked out, only for Justin to launch ten rounds in that direction. However, when officer Jess realized the other person's hands were touching his waistband, he shot ten rounds in that direction.

The Ramirez family's wrongful death lawsuit has since been settled for $400,000 by the city of Bakersfield, although this was without the police department admitting any guilt.

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