Explaining the Ending of Make My Day Is the group able to endure the horrors of Planet Coldfoot?

Explaining the Ending of Make My Day Is the group able to endure the horrors of Planet Coldfoot? ...

The End Assault

Jim and the group reflect on their final assault, aiming to vanquish the planet once and for all. However, in order to get there, it is worthwhile to summarize some of the story's major points until this point.

What happened to the survey team?

The Swarms destroy the survey team's remains early on in the program. This is also part of Operation "Sucker W." The original team that discovered the monsters' fossil-like eggs in the underground mines a month back was referred to as "swarms."

What is Sig, and how does it relate to the story?

Sig is one of the most valuable mineral resources in the galaxy in the 26th century, which includes its potential to be used as an energy source. This is the first planet humans have discovered that has a substantial Sig deposit, which the prisoners there are forced to exploit as labor while in captivity.

Coldfoot's native species is the Swarms. These parasitic-like organisms have tendrils and gases that explode when opened, as evidenced by Professor William Boyd.

However, as his findings put his entire operation at jeopardy, he was imprisoned, and the papers were inevitably buried by Dr Hadson and the others.

Central (presumably the main planetary hub for the humans) had a tanker planned full of Swarms, which explains why they woke up and attacked the ship. The Colonel was ordered to shoot down the Sig and excavate the evidence.

What are the plans of Jim and the others to get off the planet?

The lifeboat requires assistance getting out of orbit, and the only option is the nearby Sig depot, so we begin this last episode with our group preparing for the assault and securing their escape from the planet. Only, this is easier said than done with so much of the Swarms around.

Casper and Jim are separated, with the latter sticking with William Boyd for the time being.

Bark and Walter clear the containers and scramble to load the Lifeboat into one. Even with the Lifeboat onboard, they must clear the "obstacles" – that is, the Swarms – and potentially a far worse predator.

Bark and Walter are ordered by Jim to fire missiles, lasers, guns, and everything else they can to destroy their foes as the attack approaches. Unfortunately, a huge horde begins leaking over the mountains on the horizon. Marnie's message is sounded.

Is the group able to fly out of the planet in one piece?

In the wake of this, Robert tries to disrupt the entire operation, using a robot to try and rescue Casper. Thankfully the robot is stopped and Robert is held at gunpoint. Casper is severely injured as the group scrambles onboard the lifeboat, still inside the container.

Marnie's baby is unable to respond to her, and there are a few difficult moments while Kou isn't breathing until her airways are cleared, and she finally begins crying.

The remains of Casper are safely kept onboard, hopefully to be repaired in the future, as they prepare for a fresh beginning for them all.

Jim decides to pursue his true passions of drawing and animating cartoons, which is quite ironic considering the amount of CGI animation this program has!

Make My Day concludes with a fairly simple and straightforward end, one that involves a very video-game-style mission to stop the Swarms while also securing the Lifeboat to escape the planet. While learning about the Swarm earlier is definitely a nice touch, the show mostly employs well-worn conventions and ideas.

With Alien, the notion of a ragtag group of survivors who must deal with an alien danger has been around since the 70s, and this series does little to differentiate itself from the others. A last minute change for Robert and a fairly standard escape are just two examples of this.

The final scene is rather endearing, suggesting that there will be a second season, but you never know when Netflix will release it! The overall visual effects have been mediocre, with a lot of this feeling like an early PS1 game cut-scene.

The backgrounds are certainly better, but the character models are a real eye-sore. Unfortunately, this conclusion only highlights all of those issues, along with the simple narrative as well, making for a rather mediocre experience.

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