InFortnite, how do you collect dragon balls on Adventure Island?

InFortnite, how do you collect dragon balls on Adventure Island? ...

Fortnite: How to Collect Dragon Balls On Adventure Island

Dragon Balls are in demand in Fortnite. Adventure Island's magical orbs have amazing abilities and abilities. It's arduous and labor-intensive to locate and collect all seven Fortnite Dragon Balls using this guide.

Access to Dragon Ball Adventure Island

Instead of participating in a Battle Royale match, new Dragon Ball Super challenges require you to explore Dragon Ball Adventure Island, a bespoke stage.

The Discover list on Xbox and Nintendo Switch is open when you click on the button to enter the code. Dragon Ball Adventure Island is also included in Epic's Picks, which simplifies things. Find the playlist you want to listen to.

Finding Dragon Balls

Find Goku near a sign with seven Dragon Ball-themed missions after entering. All event quests are listed here.

Dragon Ball 1 is a sequel to Dragon Ball.

The first Dragon Ball is a breeze—next is to Goku in front of the Quest Board.

Dragon Ball 2 is a sequel to Dragon Ball.

Use the Resort Area Radar for the second Dragon Ball. After that, proceed to the beach for the next Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball 3 is a sequel to Dragon Ball.

After the first two, things become more difficult. Take the huge Capsule Corp. spacecraft to Goku's House for this. There will be Craft Shield Fish, Spicy Fish, and Vendetta Fish here.

  • Shield Fish: Mushroom+Flopper
  • Vendetta Fish: Spicy+Shield Fish
  • Spicy Fish: Flopper+Pepper

The lakeside cabin has expanded. A fishing rod is also included to capture Floppers, but fishing is a bit different. Sometimes it takes several casts to catch a fish. Peppers are below Goku's home.

Goku has three fish-crafting stations to his right. After assembling them all, walk to Goku's pedestal to obtain the fourth Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball 4 is a sequel to Dragon Ball.

This is a simpler but more precise course. Take the Capsule Corp. spacecraft to the Room of Spirit and Time Trial for a massive platforming obstacle course.

The time Trial isn't called time, although it appears to be. Checkpoints simplify this section's tricky platforming. Complete the fourth Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball 5 is a game that includes a lot of fun.

For this goal, complete the Nimbus Cloud time trial at Kami's Palace. Like the previous trial, there is no time limit. With your Nimbus Cloud, the Dragon Ball will stand on a pedestal.

Dragon Ball 6 is a game that focuses on the elements.

After that, board the spacecraft destined for Beerus Planet. Grab Kamehameha by going left. This bugged challenge requires you to destroy five rocks ahead of you.

After an "X," we received extra pebbles from a nearby tree. The rocks respawn after a while, making this mission simple. Beerus will find the Dragon Ball near a food table.

Dragon Ball 7 is a game that will be released in the coming weeks.

The seventh and final Dragon Ball may be seen next to Goku. You may now ask Shenron.

Go to Shenron and choose Yellow or Blue after getting the last Dragon Ball. Be careful with your choices, as your character will have a blue or yellow aura.

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