The art director for the Resident Evil 4 remake talked about the old and new foes

The art director for the Resident Evil 4 remake talked about the old and new foes ...

Edition Game Informer talked with Resident Evil 4's art director about the design of old and new opponents, and also discusses the new gameplay.

The iconic chainsaw guy, also known as Dr. Salvador, has moved almost unchanged from the original to the remake. At the end of the day, Capcom considered enhancing the enemy's intimidating abilities by putting a lot of weight on his head or covering him in a long cloak. As the art director notes, a simple person who, instead of showing normal behavior, brandishes a chainsaw, is quite frightening. A different model would have made him a monster.

The chainsaw's new appearance is more detailed. The player will be able to see his eyes.

Leon's new foe is a farmer with a cow's head and a massive hammer. It was created at the end of the game as a visual aid, and not as a commercial game. The designers wanted the new foe to stand out from the crowd and convey mythological terror.

Yes, the cow's head is a real dead animal that ended up on the shoulders of a person during a match. She does not follow the player's position during the battle, but just dangles in different directions.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake will be released on PC and Xbox Series on March 24. The Game Informer journalist performed the first and fifth chapters and shared his thoughts on the game. According to reports, Capcom will organize a conference on Resident Evil 4 and more in the coming weeks.

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