Co-op and PvE updates for The Witcher Sirius!

Co-op and PvE updates for The Witcher Sirius! ...

The Witcher Sirius: Co-op, PvE... new information on multiplayer and singleplayer

Published on 03/02/2023 at 09:25

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The Witcher is a story that has many good years ahead of it, to be honest. One of these is for the time being called "The Witcher Sirius," a title that should be changed as soon as the set becomes more concrete... and new information about it arrive today.

Returning to the United States

The Witcher Remake is a remake of the very first game designed by an external studio, and it's difficult to see clearly in the future of the game The Witcher.

Then, there's "Sirius", a frankly intriguing The Witcher since it'll be both solo and multiplayer. It's owned by a studio belonging to CD Projekt, The Molasses Flood, behind games like The Flame in the Flood and Drake Hollow. A job ad that appeared late last year stated that this action-RPG would include procedurally generated environments as well as other hand-made ones.

Witch 93 is a new model.

Many interesting job offers today provide fresh information.

In case you doubt it, the chance to discover that Sirius is indeed new in the Witcher saga, offering both a strong storytelling element and multiplayer that will be based... on cooperation but also on PvE (against NPCs).

A class system, social activities, and many game modes will be included. Finally, the well-known "procedural generation systems" are mentioned once more, while the title should include "strong action-adventure gameplay mechanics."

There is certainly something to be interested in, but first and foremost, you will have to be patient to understand the why and how: no release date has been announced, and we have no concrete image or video to eat at this time.

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