Henry Cavill shoots a blockbuster with Til Schweiger, an ex-Superman

Henry Cavill shoots a blockbuster with Til Schweiger, an ex-Superman ...

Guy Ritchie isn't just a prolific filmmaker; he's considered the British action-focused Quentin Tarantino. Films like Knave, Queen, King grAS (1998) or Snatch – Schweine und Diamanten (2000) are cult classics. With Stürmische Liebe – Swept Away (2002) he had an artistic collision with Madonna, but then he always got commercial blockbusters like Sherlock Holmes (2009) or Disney's Aladdin (2019

Til Schweiger and Henry Cavill: James Bond's Pioneers?

Ex-Superman Henry Cavill and Til Schweiger will join the Special Operations Executive (SOE) special unit in a new film directed by Guy Ritchie, who is regarded as a historical model for James Bond's fictional character.

On February 13, the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare will begin filming in Turkey. It is not yet known when Guy Ritchie's next Hollywood film will be released. The film is directed by none other than Jerry Bruckheimer. He is also responsible for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

With Top Gun: Maverick, he brought one of the greatest-grossing films of all time to cinemas last year. It may come as a surprise at first. However, Jerry Bruckheimer and the German already know each other from working together on King Arthur in 2004.

PC games enthusiasts are also a fan of this game.

One of the most beloved actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe explains why he will certainly not be returning.

One of the main actors from the cinema films advocates for a Harry Potter television series as well as a reboot.

Til Schweiger starred as Sergeant Hugo Stiglitz in Quentin Tarantino's 2009 Inglourious Basterds in Germany. His other films have recently left more and more to be desired.

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