The McLaren F1 has sold less than 150 cars

The McLaren F1 has sold less than 150 cars ...

News great LEGO sales: the McLaren F1 costs less than 150€.

Published on 02/03/2023 at 08:30

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The 2023 Winter Sales, which are at the height of a Formula 1 championship, are now on a roll, with the 2022 McLaren as a 25% discount!

The Lego McLaren F1 set will cost €50 less in sales in 2023.

The 2023 winter sales on the web are wreaking havoc on a whole web of goods. They include famous Lego sets with huge discounts. This time, Formula 1 is in the spotlight with the Lego Technic McLaren 42141 set, which is usually priced at €199.99 after a €50 discount from Amazon!

The LEGO Formula 1 McLaren is on sale at Amazon for this LEGO of an exceptional authenticity. This tempting promotion will certainly be a hit with Formula 1 racing car enthusiasts. The McLaren is one of the most famous models in motorsport, but also in Lego Technic!

On Amazon, you can purchase the McLaren F1 for 149€.

A McLaren F1 larger than life is on Lego Technic!

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren's original F1 drivers of the time, have been questioned by LEGO designers to create the finest model of the car ever.

So we have all the details that make this McLaren the ideal horse for pulling tight turns and unleashing horses. We also have the V6 cylinders, the suspension, the differential, and even the steering.

So that you may display this exceptional vehicle in your interior, not only stickers, sponsors, but also fins, colors, and dimensions as close as possible to their authenticity. For children, the construction will allow you to concentrate on one thing, the assembly, and thus to enjoy this singular moment of pleasure that every LEGO builder knows.

The McLaren F1 is available on Amazon for 149€.

Find out all the winter sales discounts for 2023.

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