What Happened to the Rollerworld Money in on My Block?

What Happened to the Rollerworld Money in on My Block? ...

'Freeridge' is a spin-off series created in the fictional community of the same name in LA, which serves as the setting for the 'On My Block' episodes over four seasons. It also has the flexibility to develop its own independent narrative that keeps things fresh for the audience.

What is the value of RollerWorld?

RollerWorld money was a cult classic until Jamal and his friends discovered themselves on its very real trail in the 1980s. According to the legend, two members of Los Santos, Benito and Frankie, stole a lot of money. The amount of cash is believed to be $250,000.

Benito and Frankie were detained before they could reveal where they had hidden the money. Until the Core Four discovered a clue, both of them endured a harsh prison term, and the money's location remained. Later, however, it is revealed that they had a third partner, named Lil Ricky, who was also detained for the robbery.

What Happened to the RollerWorld Money?

In the last episode of Season 1, Jamal discovers that the RollerWorld money was accidentally buried on the football field. He and his friends then retrieve the money and find a way to launder it by setting up Money Bunny. By the third season, however, things get more complicated as the group discovers itself increasingly divided. Oscar claims to be the last person to see the money.

Abuelita learned about the money's location in the final episode of the final season, which means that he must have left the money in his care. It is clear that Oscar did not use it for himself, which means that he must have left the money in Abuelita's care. It had already been the root of many difficulties between the two groups, as well as the dangers that they had to endure due to it.

Abuelita gave the map to Ruby who shared it with his friends in the final episode after they had attended their prom. The map was left in Abuelita's box, which she claimed was cursed and should not be opened by anyone, but it was sold at a yard sale, which is where Cam and his friends lived.

The location of the RollerWorld money remains a secret for most people, thanks to the events in 'Freeridge.' The rest of the people may have deciphered the map that was created specifically for them, but the money is still missing, creating a challenge for the characters in 'Freeridge,' as well as the associated issues.

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