Recap of the second episode of Dear Edward in Season 1? What was Charles hiding from Dee Dee?

Recap of the second episode of Dear Edward in Season 1? What was Charles hiding from Dee Dee? ...

Dear Edward, an Apple TV+ series, is recapped in this episode, "Food." This episode contains spoilers.

Edward (Colin O'Brien) has stopped eating completely and is now talking to his dead brother as if he is still alive. Most people connected to the deceased passengers join a support group and Lacey (Taylor Schilling) attempts to assist Edward as she can, causing much media interest.

Recap of Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 2

The poor boy envisions a future where his brother Jordan survived the collision as well as Lacey and John, who are greeted by crowds of onlookers and the full power of the media. Becks, Adriana's motherless niece, is presented at the funeral of his grandmother.

Dee Dee is there, still shell-shocked by her husband's death. Linda (Amy Forsyth) introduces her to Dee Dee, who later apologizes for her terrible life. Lacey admits she lost her sister and her whole family in that disaster. Everyone is struggling.

Eddie tries to settle in. They comment on the strange food and the spooky atmosphere in the baby's room. Although he cannot eat any of their food, Lacey informs Eddie that the airline is paying for a psychologist. Regardless, Eddie does not have to worry about his dead brother.

The grieving family members try to return to their regular activities. Adriana takes a job as a student at City College. Cora asks to run for Congresswoman in Rose's seat, and Adriana accepts her. Kojo visits Charles' grave, but she refuses to speak. He attends the next support group, seeking assistance with passports, housing, and his niece's silence.

Dee Dee meets with her financial advisor. It appears Charles had many secrets, which he kept from his wife. This goes some way to explaining why he left Dee Dee just before the crash. Dee Dee was unaware; she didn't know he had purchased a condo in Los Angeles. The financier advises Dee Dee to stop spending frivolously.

Lacey is urged to tone up the boy, or he'll be sent to the hospital again. She passes him a strange object while shopping, confirming that Jordan is dead. The doctors believe it was due to dehydration.

Lacey expresses her frustration at being a mother for nine years. Dee Dee and Adriana hug the grieving woman, offering their greatest help they can. After Becks speaks, Kojo invites her out for a meal. Adriana professes that she wants to be a congresswoman.

Eddie is finally able to eat, taking the junk food from earlier. He decides to go to the neighbors, taking the leftovers from his previous night. Shay's mother Besa awkwardly invites him in and he asks him to say 'Good night, stupid.' The same expression Jordan would say before the brothers went to sleep.

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