Recap of Season 4 Episode 4 of Servant Who is stalking Leanne at the Halloween party?

Recap of Season 4 Episode 4 of Servant Who is stalking Leanne at the Halloween party? ...

Servant, the fourth episode of Apple TV+ series Servant, is recapped. There are spoilers included.

As our cast of characters roams the streets in scary disguises, in "Boo," Leanne (Lauren Ambrose) tries to remember Jericho's first Halloween, and Sean (Toby Kebbell) tries to reclaim his wife's affections.

Recap of Season 4 Episode 4 of Servant

Leanne contemplates her twisted nightmares, reminiscing about her childhood as the Queen of Halloween. Sean is still there, bringing her exquisite meals in bed, but she remains unnaturally cold with her husband.

Dorothy remembers Jericho's first Halloween, but she can't remember anything, no matter what he wore. The nurses try to comfort Dorothy, saying that memories are part of the ageing process. Yet, she is slowly beginning to question her son's past.

Sean decorates the Turner's house to please his wife, who normally enjoys Halloween. Julian explains how these blatant attempts to woo her over simply won't work. They both sided with Leanne, and they must learn from it.

On Halloween night, Leanne is dressed as a deranged doll and carrying her trusty dagger in hand. She wants to use Halloween as a distraction from her worries. She follows a masked individual, who pretends to be Tobe, and she confronts him with a rubber knife.

Uncle George buys a costume for Sean and Leanne, who discovers himself to a concerned Roscoe. Uncle George admits, Leanne is infected with her crazy and has even injured a child. They must stop her, and they must find Roscoe inside.

Leanne is enthused when she returns to the Turner house, exuding her new, confident swagger. Sean responds, saying, "He never intended to harm his family or Dorothy." He meets up with Dorothy in private and confesses. Sean's allegiances now lie with Dorothy.

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