Recap of the first episode of Dear Edward from Season 1? Who survived the plane disaster?

Recap of the first episode of Dear Edward from Season 1? Who survived the plane disaster? ...

Dear Edward, an Apple TV+ series, is recapped in this episode, "Pilot," which contains spoilers.

If you have a fear of flying, this Apple Original is unlikely to be for you. A tragic event is a catastrophic plane crash, shown in horrific detail during the thrilling final third of this debut installment. Prepare to ugly-cry hard as this is a heartbreaking story.

Recap of Season 1 of Dear Edward in episode 1

Edward 'Eddie' Adler (Colin O'Brien) and his family are introduced before the flight. Their older brother Jordan (Maxwell Jenkins) is astonished by his younger brother's intelligence and piano playing abilities. Their father is a teacher who homeschools both sons, while their mother is a writer. Eddie wants everything to stay the same throughout the journey.

The other passengers are shown snippets of Charles' wife and daughter, who all board the plane in the usual fast-paced manner.

Aunt Lacey, played by Taylor Schilling (Orange Is the New Black), is having a difficult time at home. She is clamoring for a baby and continues to have miscarriages. John suggests adopting, and Lacey flips.

Flashbacks reveal how Adriana and Rose are able to enlist the help of their grandmother. Tragically, Byron commits suicide before receiving the good news.

The passengers get settled into their flights while the females are hunched together in economy seats. Jordan casually apologizes for a bombshell; he is deciding to leave Eddie for public school. Jane persuades him to give him a minute.

As another thunderclap reverberates throughout the cabin, Eddie and his mother discuss the changes. Jane tries to explain to Eddie that Jordan wants his independence, but the son refuses it. He is ushered back to his seat but manages to exclaim to his mother that he loves her before leaving.

As the passengers prepare for their impact, Jane ignores the warnings and rushes over to her family but is forced to sit back. Each passenger braces, reflecting back to previous experiences. Jane remembers being born one day and the boys fantasize about going to the beach one day.

The scene of the plane crash shifts to a dingy house, and a man who is smoking drugs becomes one of the first rescue workers on the scene. Family members are hearing or seeing the news of the plane crash. Lacey wakes up and discovers Eddie still alive, badly injured in the wreckage.

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