Remedy wants to make its mark on the survival horror genre of Alan Wake 2

Remedy wants to make its mark on the survival horror genre of Alan Wake 2 ...

Remedy Entertainment is currently working on Alan Wake 2 as a game director. In a recent interview, the studio wants to include the survival horror genre in the sequel.

Remedy Entertainment's developers are currently developing several new projects, including a sequel to the 2010 mystery thriller "Alan Wake."

With "Alan Wake 2," Remedy Entertainment will break new ground, according to the game director Kyle Rowley in an interview with Gamesradar. The developers are pursuing ambitious goals here.

Remedy Entertainment is concerned about nothing less than the notion of putting its very own survival horror film out there.

The largest project by Remedy Entertainment to date

“I’d like to go into those kinds of details, but we’re not ready to divulge too much about our approach to survival horror. What I want to say is that we are very happy to stake a stake in the development of Remedy's survival horror product.”

Remedy Entertainment's executive producer has not yet revealed when a formal gameplay reveal of "Alan Wake 2" might be announced. However, the studio recently enthused the community for something big again, since "Alan Wake 2" is nothing less than Remedy Entertainment's most famous title.

Since the announcement, Remedy Entertainment's intentions have grown even further.

Alan Wake 2: More information

Alan Wake 2 is being developed for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Alan Wake 2: More information

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