During the sales, a desktop PC with a RTX 3070 and an Intel i5 for less than 1500 was sold

During the sales, a desktop PC with a RTX 3070 and an Intel i5 for less than 1500 was sold ...

News of a good deal A desktop PC with an RTX 3070 and Intel i5 for less than €1,500 during the sales

Published on 02/03/2023 at 07:30

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Do you want to switch from PC gaming? There is no need to make your PC yourself, nor to research the whole market to see which components to buy. There is no need to sell a kidney to pay for his machine.

In these sales times, the RTX 3070 is an ideal desktop PC for gaming at 1440p.

If you are not at least interested in assembling a PC, you must know which components to buy, and you will not end up with compatibility issues. In short, all you need do is look to OEM PCs assembled by major brands (HP, Lenovo, ACER) who generally have a very low price, but whose components aren't very sexy, and where updates are more complex.

The second option is to visit assemblers who fabricate PCs from major catalogs. This Cybertek Guardian PC has been identified in this last category. This gaming machine runs in 1440p and is quite honest, considering the price offered.

Cybertek has launched the Guardian for 1499€.

During this sales period, this fixed PC ran all games in 1440p for less than 1500€.

Cybertek chose an M.RED case with a hinged door, which makes it simple to change its configuration. The motherboard supports an Intel Core i5 12400F processor and two 8GB Kingston 3200Mhz modules, as well as four RAM slots.

A traditional Kolink Umbra EX180 heat pipe cooler is mounted on an RGB fan. We are entitled to a 1TB M.2 WD Blue SN 570 SSD, knowing that two additional M.2 slots are available to increase storage space. 4 SATA Ports are also free, if you ever want to connect a drive or an SSD that uses this interface.

The ASUS DUAL RTX3070 8G graphics card will provide enough power to play any modern game at 1440p, all without the risk of overheating the GPU. Finally, the card will support WiFi6 via a D-Link PCIe network card with an 80+ Bronze certification.

Cybertek has offered the Guardian for 1499€.

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