The new gameplay from The Day Before was a disappointment for users

The new gameplay from The Day Before was a disappointment for users ...

Yesterday, the long-awaited 10 minutes of The Day Before gameplay were presented, but the game does not inspire much confidence, according to users on the network. At the moment the video has 6 thousand likes and almost 8 thousand dislikes.

The first part of the film involves a long cutscene of a woman wandering through a mostly deserted area, although other players may be seen wandering around nearby. She enters the building and begins using the crafting table, demonstrating the game's weapon customization options. Then we get more looting and exploration.

After that, we go to shoot zombies and explore the great city. There are puzzles related to security systems with well-read digital panels. More looting. More research. This is a long gameplay demo. Nothing special.

The creators also provided a strange 30-second video shot over the shoulder of a player who was playing the game, as if to say, "Yes, it's real."

In 2021, The Day Before made an incredible impression with a demo video and quickly became one of Steam's most popular games, but it's been controversial ever since. In 2022, the developers began looking for supporters to "voluntarily" participate in key roles.

Fans have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the game's state, and even the moderators of the game's community have begun to doubt that this is a genuine product. Then the Steam page went, the developers delayed the game for nine months due to a trademark dispute, then they said that the delay would have taken place anyway, and.... everything went wrong.

K reviews of The Day Before joined tinyBuild's co-founder and CEO. He stated that he would buy the project from the publisher to make it a "proper level PVP MMO."

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