Mariluna is a Freeridge employee. Was she on my block?

Mariluna is a Freeridge employee. Was she on my block? ...

'Freeridge' is a Netflix spin-off that takes place in the same universe as 'On My Block.' What makes things interesting is the presence of a mysterious lady who is willing to pay anything for the box. At the end, the youngsters discover that she is a ghost or a witch who has placed a curse on them.

Mariluna, who is she?

Mariluna is Marisol's twin who had been out of touch with the family for a long time. During her acceptance speech to Gloria, Mariluna reveals that she and Marisol had always been inseparable. When she was young, Mariluna fell in love with Henry Fordman, a very wealthy man. He wanted Mariluna to have any connection with her family who were different from him.

Mariluna couldn't help but miss her family, especially her sister, after marrying Henry. Marisol kept the box as a reminder that she still loved Mariluna, who regretted not having reconnected with her family.

Mariluna believes the box is the only remaining connection between her and her sister. She wants to get it back because she considers it to be a reflection of their mutual respect, despite everything that happened between them. She also reveals that the curse she'd discussed isn't true. It's just a ploy they used to slander people.

Was Mariluna mentioned on My Block?

Mariluna's first appearance might have been in 'Freeridge,' but she was first mentioned in the final season of 'On My Block.' In the final season, Marisol aka Abuelita had been sick, which carries over to 'Freeridge' where she is still alive. She expressed her desire to outlive her sister, whom she described as an "evil twin."

Mariluna's existence isn't something that the creators of 'Freeridge' created out of thin air. It's a rather minor thread that they pulled from 'On My Block' to tie it to the new series, according to Lauren Iungerich, who plays Marisol and Mariluna.

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