Is Edward Adler based on a real plane crash victim?

Is Edward Adler based on a real plane crash victim? ...

'Dear Edward' is a drama series created by Apple TV+. Edward Adler is the sole survivor of the Trinity Airways Flight 1483 disaster that has caused the death of his parents and brother Jordan. He tries to find ways to reclaim Jordan's spirit, most famously by forming a friendship with Shay, Lacey's neighbor.

Edward Adler: Who is he and how did he survive a plane crash?

Edward Adler is partially based on a real-life airplane crash survivor. Ann Napolitano developed her character for 'Dear Edward,' which serves as the series' source novel. The story of the author was inspired by a real-life plane crash in 2010.

Napolitano was shocked by Ruben's survival, which made her question how a boy might cope with his loss and survival, and find a way not only to survive but to live.

The two Dutch boys share unignorable similarities. The most basic one is that both are the sole survivors of plane crashes that killed their respective fathers, mothers, and brothers. Both are protected by their aunt and uncle after the crash, as well. In fact, Napolitano never learned much about Ruben van Assouw in the same Penguin Books interview.

This lack of information about Ruben was what influenced Napolitano to write Edward and the novel that follows his story. "His aunt and uncle did an outstanding job of protecting Ruben's privacy after he was released from the hospital, but that meant I couldn't know that he was okay," the author said of the Library Journal.

Edward can be seen as a fictional character Napolitano created to comfort herself, affected by what happened to Ruben and his subsequent disappearance from the public eye.

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