Season 3 of Poppy's Real Father will be revealed. Who is his real father?

Season 3 of Poppy's Real Father will be revealed. Who is his real father? ...

'Truth Be Told' is a crime drama series based on Kathleen Barber's best-selling novel 'Are You Sleeping.' Viewers slowly learn more about Poppy's past and her family members' identities in the third season of the show!

Who Is Poppy's Real Father?

Poppy Parnell is the protagonist of 'Truth Be Told,' and is a former investigative journalist. Octavia Spencer is well-known for enthusing Madam C. J. Walker in the Netflix limited series 'Self Made.' Poppy is also a true crime podcaster after reopening an old case with which she is personally connected.

Poppy discovers love letters from her mother, who she later claims to be her biological father in the second season of the show.

What Motives Did Shreve Adopt Poppy?

Poppy's true parentage is revealed over the next few episodes as Poppy discovers her mother's papers from her aunt. However, Poppy has already known Shreve as her father for the majority of her life. However, Poppy's relationship with another man raises doubts about Shreve's decision to adopt Poppy.

Poppy learns the truth about her adoption from Shreve in the third episode. Elinor was in love with Alexander before she met Shreve. However, Elinor regretted her decision and returned to Shreve. They continued to grow their family.

Poppy's adoption was a disaster because she saw Elinor's mistakes and wholeheartedly accepted her. Shreve is Poppy's father, and their bond makes them a family in the truest sense.

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