Recap of Season 2 Episode 4 of Your Honor What happens to Big Mos's money?

Recap of Season 2 Episode 4 of Your Honor What happens to Big Mos's money? ...

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 4, "Part Fourteen" from Showtime's Showtime series, includes spoilers.

Michael (Bryan Cranston) and Jimmy (Michael Stuhlbarg) are slowly coming to terms with the fact that they have a grandson. After Fia (Lilli Kay) tells Michael that she has a baby and that Adam is the father, she and Michael form a special bond. On the other hand, Jimmy has grown more distant from his daughter and dislikes Michael's close friendship.

Jimmy tries to make Michael feel guilty for Adam's death, claiming that if Adam had confessed to the accidental killing of Rocco, he would have given him remorse. This, according to him, would have altered the series of events that followed. Adam would still be alive.

Jimmy jokes to Frankie that if he knew Adam was to blame for Rocco's death, he would have killed him with his own hands. Jimmy wishes to punish Michael, and with each new episode, the tension between the two grows stronger.

Recap of Season 2 Episode 4 of Your Honor

Michael is led home from Fia's by Jimmy's driver, with Jimmy present. To Michael's surprise, Jimmy invites him to his 50th birthday celebrations. He wants Michael to bring Charlie, likely as a way to keep his job done.

Olivia helps Michael prepare for the party and considers it an excellent opportunity to give her more information in her attempts to deceive the Baxter family. Michael meets with Charlie to confirm whether or not he will participate in the birthday party with him.

Charlie is confused about why Michael wants to go, but he finally discloses that Fia had Adam's child after his death, which makes Charlie more knowledgeable about the situation. Fia visits Michael at the party, and she cautions him against spending too much time with her family. She helps him cut his hair for the party.

Michael enters the party and is greeted by Fia, who claims to be a different man. Jimmy comes over to welcome his guest, but appears resentful of Michael and Fia's interactions. Gina approaches Michael, shocked that he is there. She demanded that he leave his family alone.

Michael goes to the restroom and declares that he will not be invited to the party because he is not interested in her remarks. She then tells him to stay and not to notice what Gina says. He searches the outfit he's wearing, removes it, and goes back to the party.

Jimmy introduces Michael to the crowd as a new family member, declares Fia gave birth to a grandson, and even suggests that Charlie may be Rocco's godparent, since he was such a standup godparent for Adam. Moments later, Jimmy introduces Michael and Charlie to Carmine Conti (Mark Margolis), who says he's looking forward to meeting city's power brokers.

Eugene hides his cash under the bed for protection. Trey calls his mother (Aunt Sheila) to get him out of jail, but she refuses to help because Little Mo believes they ended up in prison because of their participation in selling a product.

Roger goes to Sheila's house to look for Trey, but she denies that her son is no longer living with her. Eugene is standing in the kitchen holding a backpack, and Roger peeks inside it, believing it to be the money, but it's full of school papers.

Big Mo calls Sheila because she doesn't know what happened to Little Mo, but she advises her to stay away from Trey and Little Mo, and asks them why Big Mo called her and why Roger was snooping around her house. Little Mo, who knows she's in danger, asks her to assist Little Mo, who succeeds.

Little Mo goes to his aunt Sheila's house, where he discovered a piece of furniture stolen by Roger. He checks under Eugene's bed, saying that's where he kept the money for safekeeping, but it's gone. A member of the Desire gang calls Big Mo to tell her that the money is missing, but she says she has a good idea where the money is.

Frankie sees Michael in the hallway at the birthday party and requests a moment of his time as Jimmy wishes to talk with him. Upon his search on Michael, Frankie finds one collar stiffener, but declares that he is not wearing a wire, and punches Michael.

Jimmy, who has been sitting at a corner, speaks up about his strained relationship with Fia, only for it to have the opposite effect. He mocks Michael for how easy he makes a relationship with Fia appear. He is also suspicious of why Michael was let out early from prison.

Michael leans forward toward Jimmy's revolver and asks him to do what he has to do. Jimmy refuses, declaring that he will not be Michael's executioner, and Michael walks out the room. This is a significant moment in Michael's life and the series, as it shows that death isn't what he wanted to get to.

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