Servers at Knockout City will be shut in early June

Servers at Knockout City will be shut in early June ...

Knockout City, a multiplayer dodgeball club, will close out its ninth season with a shutting down of all game servers on June 6.

A separate Private Hosted Server will be developed for Windows PCs in the next months. Players will not be able to transfer their progression or unlock items until the server is fully operational.

The ninth season of Knockout City will begin on February 28 and last 12 weeks. Six different events have been prepared, including new maps, surprises in several of the greatest playlists, and more. At the end of the season, players will be able to choose two playlists that will mark Knockout City's grand finale.

On February 28, all real money transactions will be deleted from the game. Users will be able to continue to receive various in-game rewards, and the price for the premium Brawl Pass will be reduced to 50 holobucks.

On May 23, a two-week farewell event will begin, with additional rewards, triple XP, the return of Superpowers: Power Grab, and more.

The developers thanked their audience and stated that they are ready to use the knowledge gained in exploring new possibilities for the Knockout City universe and other projects they like.

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