There Are 8 Must-See Films Like Maurice's Amazing Grace

There Are 8 Must-See Films Like Maurice's Amazing Grace ...

'The Amazing Maurice' is a funny animated film about a sentient feline who is the brains behind a fraudulent money-making plot. Much like the Bubonic plague, the rats pretend to infest the area, and Keith blows a bagpipe to clean the town as the rodents follow him. However, the scammers get caught after targeting a new town.

'The Amazing Maurice,' written by Terry Pratchett, is the inspiration for this film, which is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Budori Gusuko's Life (2012)

'The Life Of Gusuko' is a Japanese film directed by Gisabur Sugii and based on a Kenji Miyazawa novel with the same title. The characters were also adapted into a manga by Hiroshi Masumura, where the film is also based.

2.Zog and the Flying Doctors (2020)

'Zog And The Flying Doctors' is an animated comedy film about a group of people who travel around, assisting mermaids, unicorns, and other creatures. One day, princess Pearl is locked up by her uncle after the three lands in his kingdom to escape bad weather. So naturally, Zog and Gadabout keep their petty yet funny conflicts hidden.

The film is directed by Sean P. Mullen, who has made it enjoyable for both adults and children, and it is inspired by Julia Donaldson's eponymous novel. The main characters in this film are not artists.

A Whisker Away (2020)

'A Whisker Away' is a remarkable story about Miyo Sasaki, a shy and timid student who has a crush on Kento Hinode. She discovers a mask that transforms her into a cat, but the lines between her two forms start blurring, and she might never recover to human.

The Bad Guys (2022)

'The Bad Guys' is a film about a well-known animal gang that has committed many heists and crimes. However, their legendary run fails when the group is discovered. They seek rehabilitation. But will they be able to endure the consequences of their past crimes? Both 'The Amazing Maurice' and 'The Bad Guys' have talking animals that snitch into people without breaking a sweat.

A Cat in Paris (2010)

'A Cat in Paris,' also known as 'Une vie de chat,' is an animated film about a cat named Dino, who lives a double life: she assists a burglar at night and shares a girl with her at the day, only to realize that she was wronged as the story unfolds.

(2011): The Rabbi's Cat

'The Rabbi's Cat,' which was originally titled 'Le Chat Du Rabbin,' is based on the same comic series as 'The Amazing Maurice.' Both are clever animals that develop their abilities after the same circumstances.

The Legend of Super-Pets in the DC League (2022)

'DC League Of Super-Pets' focuses on super-pets rather than superheroes! Krypto the Super-Dog (Superman's pet) comes up against other animals with special abilities in the quest to rescue his master. He must defeat Lex Luthor and his obedient guinea pig in the quest to save his master.

The Secret Of NIMH (1982)

'The Amazing Maurice' is a classic animated film about a widowed mouse who lives on a farm with her children. She must relocate to save the life of her family. She seeks help from Jeremy the Crow, a wise Owl, and soon discovers a secret about her late husband.

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