Boo Recap and Review of Servant Season 4 Episode 4

Boo Recap and Review of Servant Season 4 Episode 4 ...


The fourth episode of Servant starts on the eve of Halloween, with toilet paper everywhere on the streets. That's a valuable 2020 tender right there! Inside the Turner household, Dorothy looks over old footage of her reporting days, where she used to be dubbed the Queen of Halloween. However, Sean tries to persuade her that things haven't changed.

As the house-helping sisters begin sifting through the closets for a Halloween outfit for Jericho (a pumpkin doesn't get a great response from Dorothy, so Sean chooses a lobster instead), Julian arrives and discovers silly string and paper all over his vehicle. He's not content, believing that the holiday encourages bravado.

Leanne watches CCTV cameras like a hawk, clutching a trusty dagger on her lap. She's undecided on the cult coming near or a strike sometime soon. However, she'll use her homeless group to disguise and strike first, weeding out those who will do her wrong.

When Toby comes to visit, Leanne allows him to join her as she wanders down the street and tries to identify which ones are the cultists.

Leanne is eventually confronted with a guy in a skull mask (the same one Toby had) who stalks her and displays a knife. He is okay though as she pushes him down and pulls his arm, snapping it in an awkward and uncomfortable way, but the person she was attempting to help turns out to be a kid.

As Leanne appears to be behind this, he begins flickering out and bursting. Uncle George is the strange guy we've seen throughout the episode, who presents himself to Roscoe in the alley and says he's concerned that Leanne's chaos is spreading, and he's confident that Roscoe will assist.

Leanne comes back inside and declares her love of Halloween. However, Sean has made his decision and speaks confidently to Dorothy the next night, declaring that he will do whatever he can to get rid of Leanne.

So it appears that Leanne is a sort of shaman, and while the cult are the ones who have been labeled as the bad guys here, it might be a red herring and demonstrated that Leanne is the real foe here.

The episode itself isn't that great, although it's an interesting touch, but the narrative is starting to slow down, which is surprising given that Servant has always had a problem with its pace. Season 4 is unfortunate to follow suit.

There will be plenty of drama to come as we prepare for the second half of this season, and I'm certain there will be some additional twists and turns along the way.

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