On TikTok, what is the Tranquilizer challenge? Experts cautioned after a viral trend sent several children to hospital

On TikTok, what is the Tranquilizer challenge? Experts cautioned after a viral trend sent several ch ...

The "tranquilizer challenge" on TikTok might have gone viral, but guess what the trend is certainly not something to try. One of the recent trends on TikTok was the use of tranquilizers, which resulted in many children being sent to hospital. While now, a warning has been given to parents.

Read on to learn more about TikTok's "tranquilizer challenge," which sends parents a reminder of the challenge.

While we have used TikTok as a hub for other trends and challenges, some are fun to try, others are dangerous enough to harm one's life as well. Well, recently one such issue of TikTok has been making health professionals worried about the same.

The "tranquilizer challenge" is all that's on the rise these days. This challenge as the name suggests has been incorporating tranquilizers. That has caused harm to many till now. However, you must know all about it in order to avoid becoming harmed by this trend.

The "tranquilizer challenge" that's becoming viral on TikTok involves having the Clonazepam and then attempting to stay awake. Clonazepam is a medication used to treat panic attacks.

In Mexico, this "transquilizer challenge" has caused many children to suffer. Experts have advised parents of children to avoid trying this technique as it prompted many children to be admitted to the hospital too.

Children have been admitted to hospitals after trying the "tranquilizer challenge," in Mexico where the Clonazepam medication is readily available in several shops. According to reports, around 15 youngsters were hurt due to the challenge, and four of them developed serious side effects as a result of the medication.

Experts have cautioned against the viral trend, which can result in vomiting, memory problems, and drowsiness. It may even be as serious as putting a child in a coma.

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