Equipment, field enhancements, and benefits []

Equipment, field enhancements, and benefits [] ...

The Lion in World of Tanks is a Tier 10 Italian medium tank with promotional status. The Lion has a pleasant shooting mechanism, but with a special feature for reloading shells inside the drum, which makes it a top medium tank for dealing damage.

We will look at the Lion in World of Tanks guide against other well-known CTs that are similar in gameplay or features, and we will discuss equipment assembly options and which Field upgrade to choose.

How do I get the Lion tank?

The only way to acquire this automobile is to purchase it for resources at the Design Bureau 2023. Compared to last year, when the Object 780 was a prize, this year the cost in resources has become 1% higher, because the vehicle is more interesting.

TTX Lion is a division of the Australian Athletic Association.

In the World of Tanks, a look at the Lion tank

We will examine the characteristics of Lyon and other medium tanks in greater detail.

The new Italian ST 10 level 105 mm pistol with a reverse reloading mechanism is at its disposal. The first one takes a long time to charge 12.5 seconds, the third is average 9.6 seconds, and the second is the fastest 7.7 seconds (you must receive DPM from him).

The basic armor-piercing missile measures 258 mm and travels at a speed of 1080 m/s, while the special (gold sub-caliber) 323 mm at a speed of 1400 m/s provides excellent performance.

The average dispersion per 100 meters is 0.32, making the tank one of the finest among classmates. The aiming time of 2.59 seconds is sluggish, while the tank has poor stability in motion when turning the hull / turret. This allows you to play confidently from the terrain. Damage per minute even when playing from the 4th shell is high, thus the tank is in the category of dpm.

The safety margin is an average of 1850 units, which is an average. The armor is cardboard, and in this respect it is very similar to the German Leopard 1, with the only difference that the turret can sometimes tank with a gun mantlet. Land mines will be particularly painful to infiltrate.

The Lion's mass is large, so even with a good engine, the power density is somewhat better than the average 19.3 hp / t. In principle, the maximum speed is gained, but the lack of reverse speed is especially felt. The chassis traverse rate is 46.94 deg/s, therefore the maneuverability is poor.

For a sniper-class tank, stealth isn't particularly good, but a view of 400 meters might be helpful.

Advantages and disadvantages of utilizing a combination

Let's take a look at Lion's tactical and technical strengths and weaknesses.


High one-time damage high damage per minute shell reloading mechanism drum for four shells good accuracy high accuracy of shell flight comfortable air-to-air controls large viewing radius

Advantages and drawbacks

Long aiming time poor stabilization It is unfit to discharge a whole cylinder (the last projectile is reloaded for a long time) very weak armor low reverse speed

Lion's Equipment

Lion is capable of implementing a number of different build methods, each of which has a legal basis.

Option of a sniper (seemingly trophy)

Option for all people (preferably, trophy/boom)

If you want to overexposure the enemy on open maps (as the second gear option), there is a space for reconnaissance.

Lion's Choice of Benefits

There are four tankers in Lyon with a combined radio operator as their instructors.

The Lion Field has been upgraded.

All of the available modules for modernization can be opened to improve performance in Lyon.

Improved module viability will decrease the risk of a damaged ammunition rack. This module is especially important in the drum technique. floating sight to improve the final accuracy, but if for your assembly it does not give an increase, then you can adjust the suspension arm adjustment to improve stabilization. Tuning the turbocharger will increase the speed of the reverse, which will help to roll back faster in the light.

Selecting the equipment is critical.

It's preferable to choose Stabilizer Lubrication among the various instructions.

How to Play Lion: A Guide

Lyon's best strategy is to remain at long and medium distances: the accuracy and speed of the missiles allow you to shoot damage while at the same time saving hit points, since you should not rely on armor. In this regard, the gameplay is very similar to the game on Leopard 1, only Lion can shoot every 4.5 seconds, and the "German" every 8.9 seconds (excluding "minced meat”).

You should not play Lyon as a Progetto M40 mod. 65:

The pumped Progetto 65 plays from the first bullet, and you do not need to wait for the magazine to be fully charged when playing on Lyon; then do not go for a full reload, but play as a cyclical tank from the penultimate shell.

In the first half of a battle, it is important not to lose durability points unless absolutely necessary, but to keep them for exchange at the end (there is no armor) in order to avoid a miss; therefore, in dynamic skirmishes, he does not always feel at ease, even if he has a good turret traverse speed.

Should You Purchase Lion?

The tank proved to be a great investment for the extras, as it has a good reputation for repairing damage. With the help of equipment, you can make an exact copy of the Leopard from it, but using a drum.

Regardless of how much money you have, the technique requires specific abilities and knowledge of positions, and will not forgive mistakes, therefore weak players or novices will not be able to fully reveal their potential. Consider the pros and cons of each game, based on gameplay strengths and weaknesses.

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