The Day Before Showcases 10 Minute Gameplay! Aroged

The Day Before Showcases 10 Minute Gameplay! Aroged ...

When it comes to the MMO Survival game that sparked interest on Steam – The Day Before, most of us get the impression that it was a fake product due to the lack of gameplay that it was intended to release closer to the original release date – the developer – Fntastic forgot to register as a trademark all this time. The good news? He now has a promising prospect.

Fntastic finally released The Day Before's 10-minute gameplay, which had previously been withdrawn due to the name clashes. It shows a bit of exploration, shooting action against zombies, and the crafting and customization of weapons, all things that should have been praised.

The Day Before has finally released the ten minutes of gameplay that had previously been promised.

The Day Before itself is planned to be released in November 2023. What do you think? Do you find this new gameplay video to be helpful or more pessimistic about this project?

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