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Poll: 67% Of US Residents Support The Idea Of Voting By Mail In The Elections In November

Poll: 67% Of US Residents Support The Idea Of Voting By Mail In The Elections In November

The majority of Americans are in favor of changing the electoral law in the context of the coronavirus pandemic so that the upcoming November 3 elections can be voted by mail, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing the results of a survey conducted in conjunction with NBC.

According to the results of the survey, 58% were in favor of allowing voting by mail permanently. 39% of respondents were against it, but the newspaper noted that about one in four of this group agreed that in the context of the pandemic, postal voting can be allowed in the upcoming November 3 General elections. If we take into account the position of this group of respondents, the Wall Street Journal noted, in General, 67% of the survey participants were in favor of voting in the November elections by sending a ballot by mail.

Members of the Democratic party are the most strongly in support of the introduction of a system of voting by mail on a permanent basis: according to the newspaper, 82% of the Democrats who participated in the survey were in favor of such a change in the electoral law, while 31% of Republicans support this idea, and 61% of voters who did not determine their political affiliation.

The survey of 900 Americans was conducted by phone on April 13-15. The degree of error of the result is estimated at plus or minus 3.3%.

As noted by NBC, the results of the survey show that the attitude of Americans to voting by mail has changed dramatically over the past quarter of a century: in 1996, 48% were in favor of voting by mail, while 47% opposed this form of voting.

In the November 3 elections, Americans will elect a President and Vice President, 35 members of the Senate, all members of the House of representatives, 11 governors, and several States will hold elections for members of legislative assemblies.

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