Alan Wake 2: Remedy's largest project to date

Alan Wake 2: Remedy's largest project to date ...

While the release date for Alan Wake 2 has not been released, Remedy promised a massive project that would outperform the studio's previous games.

Sam Lake of Remedy recently answered questions from GamesRadar on the development of "Alan Wake 2." The title is the "most significant project thus far."

Lake said that he was never able to savor the franchise for simple reasons: "I feel like I never outperformed Alan Wake." "There was always the desire to return to him; there was always more to tell."

The dream became more ambitious and unique.

Even as Remedy has been working on other projects, like Quantum Break and Control, Lake explained that the Alan Wake narrative has continued to evolve over the years.

"You keep the dream alive when you actively dream it," says Alan Wake 2's dream. It has only become more ambitious and unique over the years."

A game project like this is "a very complex undertaking" – "our largest project to date" and you have to bring many different things together. This applies not only to the concept itself, but also to the timing and the right partners.

"Alan Wake 2" was announced in December 2021. The title is a survival horror experience after the first section was classified as an action game with horror elements. "Our interpretation of the genre." Remedy said at the time.

Alan Wake 2: More information

Alan Wake 2 is currently being developed for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The release date has not yet been announced by Remedy.

Alan Wake 2: More information

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