Open zone gameplay in Sonic Frontiers is likely to be a future offshoot

Open zone gameplay in Sonic Frontiers is likely to be a future offshoot ...

Dominik Kaufmann | 2/2/2023 – 2:48 p.m.

The filmmaker of "Sonic Frontiers" talked about his thoughts on the next outshoot. For this, the present part of the game is being considered in its open-zone mode.

Morio Kishimoto stated on his Twitter profile that the next "Sonic" outshoot is already in the works. He explained in detail what the game might be like. All suggestions are based on community input.

First and foremost, the open zone gameplay from 'Sonic Frontiers' will be further refined. This is already being considered for the sequel, which was previously discussed by studio director Takashi Iizuka in November.

More playable characters are planned.

The next major step is to add more playable characters. Because the plot was not optimally implemented in the previous section, the developers want to strengthen the combat system even more.

Many supporters criticized the re-use of previous levels, such as Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant. This shouldn't happen again in the future.

Sega continues to focus on entertaining single-player games. However, the Japanese publisher is open to multiplayer games.

By the way, Kishimoto will not be the only director in the next offshoots. Rather, there are plans for several directors to take on different roles.

Otherwise, Kishimoto addressed the "Homing Dash" mechanic, which was discovered by accident during its development. In the end, the team decided to leave them in the game as a gameplay bonus.

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Kishimoto announced that the boost mechanics might be removed in the follow-up to Kishimoto's announcement. This should give players greater control over gameplay.

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