The ability to hear both Wednesday and Stranger Things, and around 700 more Netflix series and movies, has now been implemented

The ability to hear both Wednesday and Stranger Things, and around 700 more Netflix series and movie ...

Subscribers to Netflix may also download content on up to two other devices.

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Netflix has expanded its offering to premium subscribers, including spatial audio support for the top 700 streaming titles, as well as more devices to download. Both services are now available worldwide for $19.99 per month, along with other premium Netflix features.

Netflix first offered the spatial audio feature in July for a limited amount of original content. It includes Stranger Things, The Watcher, Wednesday, and Knives Out: The Glass Onion, and will be added to future shows – "You", "Your Place or Mine," "Luther: The Fallen Sun", etc.

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Simply type "spatial audio" into the Netflix search bar to see the whole list of content available for viewing with spatial audio.

Spatial Audio is a software program that allows users to play surround sound through stereo speakers or headphones on a wide variety of devices, such as TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones, without the need for special audio equipment.

Netflix has issued guidelines on how to listen to such content, including how to do it:

Premium subscribers may now download Netflix content to two additional devices, increasing the number of download devices to four.

Netflix promised how they would handle password sharing before streaming — now, you must connect to the main network, open an application or website, and view something at least once every 31 days. The devices through which you connect will be designated as "trusted" by Netflix, will remember them, and will not be blocked. However, users who try to log in to their account from another location will be denied access and encouraged to create their own account.

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