New technologies for more realistic CGI sequences in Death Stranding 2

New technologies for more realistic CGI sequences in Death Stranding 2 ...

When it comes to "Death Stranding 2," Hideo Kojima has confirmed via Twitter that the developers at Kojima Productions will employ entirely new methods. The goal is to ensure even more realistic CGI sequences.

Last December, Kojima Productions took the lead from the game industry and announced Death Stranding 2 for PlayStation 5.

Kojima shared a brief behind-the-scenes photo from Death Stranding 2, claiming that he's using entirely new technologies when developing the sequel.

"To make photorealistic CGs even more realistic, we invited Mr. Nishiyama, a lighting director, to give a lecture and demonstration to the KJP artist team."

Kojima offers a range of innovative concepts.

The developers of Kojima Productions have yet to reveal when the official gameplay reveal of "Death Stranding 2" might take place. The Japanese studio is also wary to disclose specifics about the sequel, although it has stated that Fragile will play a significant role in the story.

It's a sequel. “It's not really a classic sequel,” said the author.

More information about Death Stranding 2 can be found here.

"Death Stranding 2" has not yet been given a release date by Kojima Productions.

More information on Death Stranding 2

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