In the next weeks, Bing will receive a faster and more human version of ChatGPT (GPT-4)

In the next weeks, Bing will receive a faster and more human version of ChatGPT (GPT-4) ...

In the next weeks, Bing, Microsoft's search engine, will be integrated with ChatGPT, and this chatbot will likely be built on the GPT-4 language model. The latest OpenAI software answers questions much faster than the current version and provides even more human-like answers.

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OpenAI intends to expand its ChatGPT mobile app and test a new feature in Dall-E that will allow for the creation of videos using artificial intelligence.

The addition of ChatGPT to Microsoft products is expected to create new Internet search competition, something that hasn't occurred since Yahoo became the most popular search engine in the world in 2023. But GPT-4 may help Bing climb into the position.

The new, yet-to-be-announced version of OpenAI software, GPT-4, is expected to be more efficient (ChatGPT can now look for an answer in just a few minutes).

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Microsoft announced that it had built "one of the world's top five supercomputers," which would be used to train "extremely large AI models." Each computer had 2805,000 processor cores and 10,000 GPUs, each with a network speed of 400 gigabits per second.

Nvidia's new Tensor Core H100 GPU, which was specifically developed to run "transformers" similar to GPT's (now available online), has made it difficult for some companies to access it.

OpenAI is now building a structure around its software (in fact, "transformers" were invented by Google and became open source), but only a few companies have access to supercomputers capable of handling billions of parameters.

OpenAI is now available to the general public, enabling it to maintain its edge over the competition. Users themselves are also making efforts to improve ChatGPT, enabling it to learn from its mistakes.

Microsoft is investing $10 billion in OpenAI, and the company has already hired contractors, including around 400 computer programmers from across the world, who are working to improve the company's software development tools.

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