Attention US customers, find out how much you will pay at the end of the month

Attention US customers, find out how much you will pay at the end of the month ...

The time has come to update the main national telecoms providers' prices as well as MEO and NOS's new tables as of February 1st.

With this price update, the operator had already announced that it would raise the price of its services due to inflation. In fact, your customers can already know exactly how much they will pay by the end of the month.

The price of NOS' services has been increased by 7.3 percent.

NoS confirms the amounts involved and that it will update by 7.83% according to the INE's annual Consumer Price Index.

Each customer will be able to know exactly how much they will have to pay on February 1st for the contracted service, thanks to the NOS website. Simply enter your customer number and tax identification number.

Clients in private:

Business customers:

"At NOS, we have absorbed a substantial portion of this general increase in costs, while we continue to invest heavily in the expansion and improvement of the fixed and mobile network, so that Portugal and especially NOS customers can enjoy a better, more reliable service, safer, and faster."

NOS is implementing a measure that it had announced in mid-January, including rising energy, transportation, and network equipment costs.

NOS clarifies that the price rise will only affect monthly subscription fees for services; any other pricing adjustments will keep the prices as they have always been.

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