A Test of Pride Recap & Review of Season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina

A Test of Pride Recap & Review of Season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina ...

A Pride Test

Grog's uncle congratulates him for his sacrifices in Season 2 Episode 9. He says people will hate Grog Strongjaw.

Pike, Scanlan, and Grog make it to Westruun, where goliaths are demanding gold from the locals. Grog advises them not to interfere yet. Kevdak, his uncle and leader of the Herd of Storms, will be there, and he's a force to be reckoned with.

Grog is too ashamed to reveal himself to his old herd, and Scanlan decides to do some self-reconciling by becoming a dragonfly. His spell runs out right beside a group of goliaths, and he must find a make-do hiding spot. A group that's also hiding from the Herd also comes upon him.

Grog admits to Pike that he is ashamed of his past with the Herd. Nothing could stop his violent tendencies until he saw Wilhand, his grandfather, and everything changed. Kevdak caught him betraying him.

Kevdak was unimpressed with his lack of skill. He stabbed Grog up with his gauntlet, while Zanror looked away. He was then banished from the Herd of Storms by Wilhand. Grog should have died, but Wilhand brought Pike to him for treatment.

Pike knew none of these things until she tells him that he is no longer like that, but he still feels guilt over all the people he allowed to die. They then see Umbrasyl fly into town and start worrying about Scanlan.

Scanlan meets Kaylie, a gnome who is not from this region, but they all know Scanlan. Kaylie is not impressed with him, but she does need him to rescue them out of the city.

Kevdak, who is also with Anna Ripley, has called out for his efforts. He'll return in three days if they don't have enough gold. He'll take his arms as payment.

Zanror rebels against his father, believing he would be better able to lead the Herd, but Kevdak crushes him down with the force of the gauntlet. He maintains his control of the herd and orders them to take everything they have.

Pike and Grog decide to pursue Scanlan, with Grog pretending to be bringing Pike into the camp as a prisoner. Scanlan decides to send Kaylie and the others out. On their way out, they meet Grog.

Scanlan instructs them to follow Grog outside the city, but they're too afraid to go with a goliath. A disappointed Grog decides he's not going. People are afraid of his kind, and that's what he'll have to overcome.

Kevdak asks his colleagues if anyone would stand up and challenge him as Zanror did. Grog does, from the back of the crowd, asking, “Remember me?”

The split party isn't looking very good. Grog may be in a bit of a slump, but the difference between him and his uncle isn't just that he will stand up for the little ones; it's also that people will follow Grog out of friendship rather than fear. How will he do that next time, or will Grog manage to do so on his own?

Anna Ripley's story, anyway, was unrecognisable, but something is definitely on her side to be a partner in the Chroma Conclave.

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