Echo Tree Recap & Review for Season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina

Echo Tree Recap & Review for Season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina ...

Echo Tree

Half of Vox Machina travels through Syngorn in Season 2 Episode 8. Vex informs them that the elven nobility can guide the city in times of danger. Vex and Vax ask for an audience with their father, Ambassador Syldor Vassar.

Vex expresses her fears about Percy's refusal to be enough of a nobleman. The twins meet their stepmother Devana and their young sister Velora.

Their father informs them that they are amassing firearms and intending to join the dragon hunt. They describe their intentions to discover the Fenthras Bow, although he dismisses them as a rumor.

Syldor signs a decree ensuring safe passage for Syldor, but warns them that the passage would not be as safe beyond their walls. Percy makes him change Vex’ahlia's name on the document to "Lady" Vex'ahlia, claiming she is a noble of Whitestone. When her father refuses to amend it for what he believes to be a meaningless title, Vex stands up to him for insulting her and her

He informs her that she will have to prove him wrong. If they can show him the Fenthras Bow, he'll give them a proper welcome. Until then, he'll not give them anything he thinks they shouldn't receive.

Percy apologizes to Vex later for slamming her with that title, but she doesn't mind. She thanked him for the only time. They've shared their childhood—how they grew up without Syldor.

Keyleth notices the plants' sadness as they enter the house of a cursed archfey named Saundor. They must not submit to his voice, or his displeasure will take hold of them.

Saundor whispers for Vex to come closer, and she moves forward. He assures her he understands her agony, and he can give her the approval she seeks. She leaves the others to approach Saundor. He bonds them with roots and vines.

When Vex grabs his hand, he shows Syldor her father's memories, but she changes them so that she shows her love rather than judgment. She then shows her the Fenthras Bow, claiming it would grant her Syldor's respect.

If she gives him her heart, he will give it to her. She pushes him away. Telling him her heart is someone else's, she punches him. He chases her, but Keyleth is able to free the others.

Saudnor pursues Vex, causing her to fall into the depths of his lair. He gets her alone, grasping her inside of his roots. She discovers the truth.

Despite the fact, Percy's grappling hook is taken out of his heart, killing him.

Vex takes Fenthras and the party departs. Percy suggests they make a bow to her father, but Vex claims she isn't ready.

Garmelie returns to Tal'Dorei to create a portal for Vox Machina to return. They enter the room and Garmelie transforms from a satyr into an Archfey. "Travel safe friends."

Pike welcomes Grog back to Tal'Dorei, but does not realize that he is weak. Wilhand reminds him that his muscles need a boost to begin working again.

Wilhand encourages Grog without much progress. Pike believes it's time to go to Westruun for the next vestige. Grog says he knows who has the gauntlet, and he once killed Grog with it.

When it comes to brilliantly staged fights that include heart-breaking emotional arcs and character insights, the Legend of Vox Machina never fails.

The run-in with Saundor is a good example of how little time is spent explaining his purpose, which ends up being nothing more than a tool for Vex's struggle with her trauma. This episode is an excellent example of why Saundor would pick Vex out.

As the party is set to reunite in Westruun, the plot sags. I'm at the edge of my seat when Grog may have to confront his family rather than confront them in his weakened state.

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