Season 1 of Make My Day: How does Jim escape Coldfoot?

Season 1 of Make My Day: How does Jim escape Coldfoot? ...

This article discusses Make My Day Season 1 episode 8, as well as an open discussion about the Season 1 finale.

Make My Day overcomes some bad animation and visual design with a deep sense of character and a fast-paced pace throughout its eight episodes, resulting in an action-packed and moving conclusion.

Recap of Season 1 Episode 8 of Make My Day

First, though, let's get to the story. Coldfoot is an icy prison planet where humanity is mining a precious ore named Sig with the help of the inmates at the White Prison. However, the excavations have awakened a deadly bug race, which threatens to devour the planet and everyone on it.

Jim, an aspiring artist and part-time prison guard, lives with his grandfather Ed and is in love with his neighbor, Marnie, who is a pregnant woman with another man's child. With the help of a robocast named Casper, Jim rescues Marnie from a settlement called the Dustbox.

Marnie, the colony's previous captain, Bark, doctors William and Rachel, and Cathy Beck, the public face of humanity's Coldfoot operations, have all devised a strategy to get off-world without the aid of the shuttles, which have all been predictable by the more "important" members of the colony.

Cathy and Bark have come up with a strategy. The former has sent a distress message that will be addressed within 24 hours, but before that, they must get a lifeboat into orbit around the system with the help of the massive mass driver in the gigantic Sig depot. However, a huge horde of larvae creatures is chasing them there.

From this point on, everything is in sync, with Robert attempting to save himself. The encroaching bugs are a nice ticking-clock tool, and a last-second launch into space saves the group from doom.

Season 1 of Make My Day: How to Get Over It

Jim and Marnie marry and plan to raise Kou, his new godfather's name, which he learned from his dead wife, who was killed in a fire, which ultimately led to his arrest. The group all stare wistfully into space as they consider their next move.

Make My Day Season 1 Episode 8 is now available on Netflix exclusively. What did you think of the end of Season 1 of Make My Day? Let us know in the comments.

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