Is Class, a Netflix Hindi series based on Elite?

Is Class, a Netflix Hindi series based on Elite? ...

Is the Netflix Hindi series Class a remake of Elite? We discuss the upcoming Hindi series and its connection to the popular Spanish program.

A new Hindi crime drama set in a distinguished Delhi school will be released on Netflix in February 2023. It is a young adult crime drama thriller that also investigates class differences, relationships, and crime. However, we thought the class was familiar, so we checked out the Netflix Hindi series Elite.

What is the significance of the Hindi Series Class?

Three students from a less well-off background attend one of the most exclusive schools in Delhi. Once there, they discover that there are huge barriers between the wealthy students and themselves, and once a murder is discovered, it appears that the school is more involved than preparing for exams.

The students at this elite school have a lot on their plates, including issues of class differences, relationships, and lifestyles.

Is Class, a Netflix Hindi series based on Elite?

Elite, a Spanish series, is a hugely popular program after it became available on Netflix in 2018. Season one of Elite follows three students who discover a huge cultural divide between the wealthy students and themselves while there. As the series develops, it explores their relationships, their lifestyles, and ultimately a murder.

The second season of the program was announced shortly after it began to become extremely popular.

The program was quick to realize that by introducing new characters, they would keep things fresh, and the storytelling technique of showing things in flashforwards would become a regular feature of the program at the time of writing. A seventh season has been approved, with the promise of some returning characters from the previous seasons.

Looking at the teaser for Class and the official synopsis, it appears that the Hindi version is pretty much adapting the show very closely, so we expect that Class will be able to perform many of the same songs as Elite did.

Class is a Hindi remake of Elite, so we anticipate that the first season of this show will be similar to Elite's first season, with plenty of youthful energy and action, as well as from what we know of a lot of heat.

Gurfateh Pirzada, an emerging actor from Netflix's Guilty, and Piyush Khati, a 2020 Chris Hemsworth automobile, are on the roster.

There is, of course, a trailer, and here it is:

Are you a fan of Elite or will you be watching Class? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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