FFVII Cloud Was Supposed to Be a Berserker

FFVII Cloud Was Supposed to Be a Berserker ...

Cloud Strife might have been the original "one-winged angel" from the Final Fantasy VII remake, according to a blog post. Cloud was a different sort of character from the original.

Cloud (or rather, the character that would eventually be Cloud Strife) would be characterized as a "Berserker." Cloud would not be allowed to even use his left hand, as the sword itself would be held on his back by a powerful magnet. Finally, when the bracelet seal was broken, this berserker Cloud would be able to fight with both arms' strength.

Cloud does have hints of that original, abandoned character idea in his character design for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Both are roughly machined and covered with rivets, suggesting their use as restraining devices rather than as protective armor in the final fantasy VII: Advent Children film.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is in the works.

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