The launch trailer for Deliver Us Mars: Story Adventure has been released, as well as first test ratings

The launch trailer for Deliver Us Mars: Story Adventure has been released, as well as first test rat ...

The story adventure "Deliver Us Mars" is now available on consoles and PC. In addition to the official launch trailer, the first international reviews are available.

The science fiction adventure "Deliver Us Mars" from Keoken Interactive has been postponed, primarily due to the final touches.

The release of the narrative adventure was accompanied by an obligatory teaser, which is available for viewing below these lines and explores the sequel's main characters in greater detail.

According to official reports, the tale begins ten years after the events of "Deliver Us The Moon" and takes you to the red planet where nothing less than humanity's survival is at risk.

The fateful voyage to Mars

In "Deliver Us Mars," you join the Zephyr space shuttle's crew as they journey to the red planet to retrieve vital colonization ships and secure the earth's energy supply. You encounter a dark menace emanating from the mysterious group "Outward."

Just in time for the release of "Deliver Us Mars", the first international reviews are out. Above all, the thrilling story with many twists and turns, the atmospheric depiction of Mars, and the fun puzzles and riddles are praised.

There is also criticism for the sometimes unfavorable technology, which has to contend with a variety of issues despite the postponement and the additional development time that comes with it, such as isolated slowdowns and tears to sometimes quite stiff animations.

More News about Mars in Deliver Us

Deliver Us Mars is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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