ExeKiller gameplay trailer shows retrofuturism and evil androids

ExeKiller gameplay trailer shows retrofuturism and evil androids ...

ExeKiller, the adventure filmmakers, showed a gameplay trailer for their work, which takes place in a different time.

In this retro-futuristic western, the player assumes the role of a bounty hunter to discover a world that has survived the apocalypse and gone into anarchy. The majority of humanity works for the benefit of corporations, and the main character is looking for biochips, which can not only collect data about the media, but also control its behavior.

The authors promised to provide a wide variety of approaches to accomplishing tasks previously. In the narrative, the players will have the opportunity to make various decisions. For example, you may kill the target or put him on trial.

A colorful open world with dynamic weather fluctuations and various natural phenomena should also be presented in the game.

In the presented scene, the character enters an abandoned gas station, encountering local aggressive androids. The frames themselves are taken from an early version of the project, which is still working on a release date tentatively in 2024.

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