Microsoft kills Windows 10 and extends the release of the eleventh edition!

Microsoft kills Windows 10 and extends the release of the eleventh edition! ...

Microsoft is engaged in a serious effort to bring people to Windows 11. Now, in addition to killing Windows 10, Microsoft is also bombarding people with ads that take up the entire screen. This is arguably the most effective way to get people into Windows 11, but it can end up irritating many users.

Windows 10 is gone by Microsoft and the 11 version is now available!

The WindowsLatest website claims that several computers running Windows 10 21H2 and 22H2 have received the alert over the weekend. It's possible that one of our computers is currently on the August 2022 Patch, so it's unlikely that the alerts will be posted on Patch Tuesday.

This new pop-up reminds users of the first boot experience on Windows 11: The notification tries to remind them that their device has successfully completed the "free upgrade" offer and is eligible for a smooth upgrade experience where they can continue to use it. Windows 10, while Windows 11 downloads in the background.

To start the download, simply click the "Get it" button, or schedule the download later. There is also a way to "keep Windows 10."

Despite the fact that the pop-up appears to be temporary, you should not be able to see it when you click on the Keep Windows 10 option. Choosing options other than those Microsoft wants also makes us resentful.

We accepted the update and received a new confirmation email telling us that we will continue using Windows 10.

Yes, you can just download an application called O&O ShutUp10++. It allows you to do this and more. It is available here.

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