PlatinumGames is celebrating its 10th anniversary with Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

PlatinumGames is celebrating its 10th anniversary with Metal Gear Rising Revengeance ...

The game "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" will celebrate its 10th anniversary in a few weeks. Of course, the creators want to commemorate this special occasion.

Konami released a spin-off of its legendary stealth series, focused on cyber ninja raiden, in the upcoming 10th anniversary game, which should be appropriately commemorated in a few weeks.

PlatinumGames is celebrating their tenth anniversary.

PlatinumGames ("Bayonetta") posted a brief and succinct statement on its own Twitter-Account yesterday. Further details on the game's commemoration are still unknown.

The action game was officially announced at E3 2009, then still under the title "Metal Gear Solid: Rising." It was a mistake, as it turned out over time, because production stalled more and more. Kojima later stopped working on the title, but it would not be scrapped.

Instead, the inventor of "Metal Gear Solid" sought for a separate development studio to continue developing the game. PlatinumGames won the award in 2011, and the game was re-announced in 2011 as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Kojima gave the team free rein, mostly overseeing only the title's scenario, story, and cutscenes.

Metal Gear: The Gathering's Next Releases

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 19, 2013. A PC version was released almost a year later (via Steam) according to Metacritic, with a critic rating of 80 and a user score of 8.

Although there were numerous suggestions of a successor or a fresh version of the action game in the years following its release, nothing has been officially confirmed until today.

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